The Invictus Project 501(C)(3)

Serving those who have served is our calling and our purpose.  As a team of combat veterans, we understand the struggle to find effective care that our veterans face after returning home from a combat deployment. The current level of care available to our veterans in the realm of mental health care is simply sub-par. We aim to change that. 

The Invictus Project is the non-profit arm of our efforts to change the way mental health is treated in this country. The cost of seeking alternative treatments adds up quickly and many first responders and combat veterans cannot afford the expense. The mission of the Invictus Project is to provide treatment to combat veterans and first responders free of charge. Our ultimate goal is that not a single person who has served will go without the treatment they need. 

Our for-vets-by-vets approach to treating combat veterans and first responders is one of the many things that differentiates us from the status quo of mental health treatment. 

We are currently raising money to put 20 Colorado veterans through our treatment protocols. The goal of this effort is to gather a significant batch of quantitative and qualitative data on how our treatment protocols can have a dramatically positive impact on our patient’s brains. 

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